Our Programs

Student Leadership

Haberfield Public School offers a wide range of student leadership opportunities. Captain, Vice-Captain and Prefect All Year 5 students are given the opportunity to nominate for the role of Captain, Vice- Captain or Prefect via a Nomination Form. 24 candidates (12 girls and 12 boys) will be nominated from the Year 5 Pre-selection which is   Read more »

Girls in STEM

What is STEM? STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. The goal is to expose students to engaging, future focused learning experiences by integrating the four disciplines together into one classroom program. Students learn to apply knowledge and develop high-order thinking skills through contextually relevant learning opportunities, with the hope of inspiring students to   Read more »


Sport Our school offers a wide variety of Friday afternoon sports. Some of the sports offered to our children include swimming, tennis, dance, indoor soccer, badminton and aerobics. The school also participates in the inter-school P.S.S.A. winter and summer competitions. Softball, soccer, A.F.L., cricket and netball are offered to boys and girls. Major emphasis and expectations   Read more »

Creative Arts

Haberfield Public School has a wide range of creative arts that you can participate in. Music Lessons: Instrumental lessons are available at Haberfield Public School. Click the link to complete online form for Instrumental Lessons Performing & Creative Extra Curricular activities application information: Please find information about regional & state opportunities. This information is updated regularly.   Read more »

Gifted and Talented

The Gifted and Talented Program Haberfield Public School is responsive to the educational needs of all students. Enriched programs are provided for those students who typically require a differentiated curriculum that is sensitive and responsive to their diverse styles of learning. Classes for gifted and talented students were established in 1997 from Year 1 to Year   Read more »


Scripture Visiting clergy and scripture teachers conduct classes each Tuesday morning. Stages 2 & 3 begin religious instruction at 9.00am. Classes for Early Stage 1 & Stage 1 begin at 9.30am. We are fortunate to have regular teachers of scripture who teach voluntarily at our school. Combined Scripture Services are held for Easter and Christmas.   Read more »

Community Languages

Students at Haberfield Public participate in the Languages other than English (LOTE) program and have the choice to study either the Italian or Chinese languages. We believe that by learning a second language, students will develop communication skills and a knowledge that will assist them to understand language, culture and humanity, thus contributing to the   Read more »


We are proud of our modern, well-equipped school library with its large, comprehensive collection. Our library has multiple internet access points for student use and is connected to the school’s network. Students participate in weekly library lessons which are designed to support classroom programs and develop information skills. During lessons, children borrow from a range   Read more »

LaST and EAL/D

Learning and Support Programs The Learning and Support Teacher (L.a.S.T.) has worked collaboratively with classroom teachers to assess their students with additional educational requirements. This year the Learning and Support Teacher supported students from Years 1 – 6 in literacy and language. The L.a.S.T provided direct instruction, monitored and assessed student progress and adjusted learning   Read more »

Reading Recovery

The Reading Recovery Program has been operating at HPS for the past 24 years. In 2015, ten students graduated from the program. The Reading Recovery teacher closely monitored former students in Years 2 and 3 at the end of each semester. The Reading Buddy Program assisted students to consolidate strategies acquired during the program. Year   Read more »

School Camps

Year 5 Camp: Sydney Academy of Sport & Recreation, Narrabeen Year 5 attend a three-day camp at Sydney Academy of Sport and Recreation, Narrabeen. During this camp, the students have the opportunity to participate in set activities such as abseiling, archery, bushwalking, kayaking and rock climbing. The camp not only enables each child to enjoy   Read more »

Extra-Curricular Activities

Dancesport Challenge Haberfield Public School participates in the exciting DANCESPORT CHALLENGE. Selected students from Year 5 participate in 15 weeks of ballroom dance lessons with a professional coach. This culminates in a spectacular Grand Finale competition in Term 3. Click the link to find out more information about the Dancesport Challenge Latin The highly successful Latin   Read more »