Recorder & String Resources 2018

As the Opera House concerts are early next year I encourage students to do some practice during the holidays. Here are links to practice videos and music resource downloads for the Opera House concert next year.

  1. My Youtube Channel is here – (please note I make no money from this resource therefore there should be no adds or inappropriate material for children).
  2. Norwegian Dances 2 & 3 Slow version –
  3. Norwegian Dances 2 & 3 at tempo version –
  4. Handel Highlights recorder slow version –
  5. Handel Highlights recorder at tempo version –
  6. Handel Highlight strings slow version –
  7. Handel Highlights strings at tempo version –
  8. Crossing Pirate’s Cove Strings –
  9. Different Worlds Recorders –
  10. More String Downloads here including sound files for practice
  11. More Recorder Downloads here including sound files for practice