Creative Arts

Haberfield Public School has a wide range of creative arts that you can participate in.

Music Lessons:
Instrumental lessons are available at Haberfield Public School. Click the link to complete online form for Instrumental Lessons

Performing & Creative Extra Curricular activities application information:
Please find information about regional & state opportunities. This information is updated regularly. Visit The Arts Unit  for more information.

Creative Arts

Class Music Education
As part of Haberfield Public School’s holistic approach to every child’s education all students receive ongoing and sequential Music Education lessons from Kindergarten to Year 6. Research shows how learning music can help your child in so many ways including:

  • Improved reasoning capacity and problem solving skills
  • Improved maths and language performance
  • Greater memory capacity
  • Greater social and team skills

In class music at Haberfield PS students develop skills in singing, movement/dance, instrumental work and music composition. The Music Education program also links with drama and introduces senior students to the use of technology in music.

Class music assessments are updated each term. You can download current assessments tasks here.

Drama is one of the tools used to teach the literacy program at Haberfield. At HPS we have also been involved in the Sydney Theatre Company, School Drama program for the last 6 years. Click here for more information on Drama.
Students participate in dance as part of the class music education program & with class teachers as part of the PE curriculum from K-6.

The school has also been involved in the Dancesport program for year 5 students for the last 8 years. Click here for more information on Dance

Visual Arts
Children from Haberfield Public also contribute works toward Operation Art.

Operation Art provides opportunities for students to demonstrate their achievements in visual arts through a major exhibition which receives widespread publicity and recognition. The works submitted are designed to contribute to a visual environment that helps relieve anxiety for children during hospitalisation.

Extra Curricular Performing Arts